Round four for our “Special of the month” resp. the “Specialist of the Month” with topics and experts around the fields of nutrition, wellness, and well-being.

From 20th August onwards, we are pleased to have Michael Bongers back with us. He is a certified nutrition consultant, A-license fitness trainer, and holds a master’s degree in Kung-Fu. He is passionately dedicated to health, fitness, a conscious mindset, and is our “Specialist of the Month” in August.

From 20th to 29th August 2023, he will provide insights on the following topics:

  • Nutrition and Mindset – How can I maintain a healthy diet and a constant weight while still enjoying delicious food amidst the challenges of daily life?
  • Mobility & Workouts – Often, poor postures at work or during daily activities can lead to back, hip, or shoulder pain. Targeted mobility exercises and workouts can often lead to improvement.
  • Self-Defense – Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable being out alone at night or have you experienced verbal or physical situations where you would like to better protect yourself and be prepared in the future?

For more details, please contact us, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you soon.