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Acting sustainably – The Breakers GOING GREEN!

Diving in clean reefs, kitesurfing in turquoise blue water, and evenings under a starry sky, paired with an extraordinary environmental profile, characterize the world of our sports and lifestyle hotel The Breakers.

The whole Breakers team is committed to protecting the unique environment of Somabay and driven to implement more and more environmentally friendly solutions, in order to protect a variety of nature’s species and our beautiful bay.

Brita Water filter

It was one of the best decisions we ever made, to implement BRITA water filters at our hotel. Upon check-in, every guest receives a stainless steel bottle which can be filled or replaced free of charge at any time at the bars, in the restaurant, and at the 7 Bft KiteHouse.

By changing to water dispensers and BRITA water filters, we manage to save around 120.000 plastic bottles per year – compared to the consumption of the years before.

If you put all the small and large plastic bottles on top of each other, that would be around 35 kilometers, which is approximately 42 times the size of Burj Khalifa (tallest building in the world – 828 meters) ….. or around 4 x the height of Mount Everest! Unbelievable!

Based on our information, the Breakers is the first hotel in Egypt to take this environmental protection measurement. There have been already initial inquiries from directors of other hotels, e.g. in Cairo and we hope that many other hotels will follow our example (like it happened with the straws).

We are so glad, that we have taken this step and we will continue to do everything we can, to integrate and expand sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions at our hotel.

Room Renovation

As you know, we planned to renovate our rooms for some time and are thrilled to inform you that the renovations have successfully completed!

The work began on January 09, 2023, and took about three months. During this period, The Breakers was closed but has now reopened since April 16, 2023.

We’re excited to share with you the new look of The Breakers post-renovation. Natural materials, earthy tones, and warm colors now define our theme, inspired by the various shades of the Egyptian desert.

We’ve ensured the renovation was as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. For instance, we reduced the amount of construction waste by about 90% compared to a typical renovation through careful planning and various measures. Moreover, we sourced as many products as possible from natural materials and had them manufactured by local craftsmen.

We’re very excited about the transformation and hope you love our new rooms as much as we do.

Acting sustainably

Our environmental commitment distinguishes itself in the following areas:

  • Global responsibility
  • Bind CO2 in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol.
  • Local responsibility – Caring for all employees and their families as well as the local population. Paying attention to the biodiversity below and above water. Avoid plastic locally and relieve it globally.

Further details and facts

  • Monthly clean-up days around the hotel, at the KiteHouse, on Tobia Island, and twice per year, in cooperation with Orca Dive Club Somabay, a clean-up at the marina and underwater.
  • We don’t use plastic chairs, tables, or sunbeds, neither at The Breakers nor at the KiteHouse. Already during the construction of the hotel, we took care, that as many natural materials as possible were used – hence the large amount of wood in and around the hotel and the 7 Bft Kitehouse.
  • A lot of our furniture is “homemade” or built by carpenters in Hurghada/Safaga. Like this, we avoid imports from other countries, long transportation routes, and at the same time support local craftsmen.
  • We use glassware instead of plastic cups to serve our drinks at the hotel.
  • Since 2018 we no longer use plastic straws and cocktail stirrers for our cocktails and other drinks. Instead, we use bamboo straws and wooden cocktail stirrers. We were one of the first hotels in Egypt to make this change, and a number of other hotels have since followed our example.
  • On the Sunset tours, we have switched to paper cups instead of plastic. Glass is less useful on the boats because of the risk of breakage and because guests and employees are all without shoes (= risk of injury).
  • Groceries and local products are bought locally, avoiding oversea imports while safeguarding local jobs.
  • We order large containers and no more small packaging (e.g. jam and yogurt are not purchased in small portion packs.)
  • Usage of refillable soap dispensers in the showers to reduce plastic waste
  • We have our own reusable shopping baskets when receiving goods.
  • Furthermore, we have our own production of food such as bread and jams (avoidance of transportation routes).
  • Sustainable management and avoidance of wasting resources (e.g. through live cooking at the buffet, reduction of overproduction, and thus reduction of organic waste).
  • Constant replanting of local palm trees (tree sponsorships for guests).
  • Organized carpools for our employees
  • Conversion to energy-saving lamps throughout the hotel