Round two for our “Special of the month” resp. the “Specialist of the month” with topics and experts around the fields of nutrition, wellness, and well-being. 😊

Acting preventively, taking care of your body and mind, eating consciously, and getting enough exercise can prevent diseases and lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Next month we welcome Claudia Irmscher, Physiotherapist and certified Relaxation Coach.

During the following days, 23.07. – 30.07.2022, Claudia will set the focus of her session on the following topics

・A holistic therapy approach, focus patient
・Kinesio Taping

Claudia will give you an introduction to relaxation techniques, how easily you can do kinesio taping yourself and what could, with the support of physiotherapy, be done to handle certain problems in your body.

We hope those series of events will add another value to your vacation, and we’re looking very much forward to welcoming Claudia here with us next month and she will hopefully give you many valuable tips and tricks.

For more details, please contact us, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you again.