New at the Breakers – Special of the month

As you may know, we are always driven to expand our horizons and to deliver new activities and opportunities for our loyal repeaters, as well as for our new guests. That’s why we would like to introduce to you the “Special of the month” resp. the “Specialist of the month” with topics and experts around the fields of nutrition, wellness, and well-being.

Acting preventively, taking care of your body and mind, eating consciously, and getting enough exercise can prevent diseases and lead to a healthy lifestyle. As with BRITA water filters, we, as a hotel, want to play a pioneering role and show that vacation, conscious nutrition, sport, and further training can be combined.

We’re starting the event series this month, from 26.05. — 04.06.2022, with Michael Bongers, a certified nutritionist, and passionate fitness coach.

During six sessions, Michael will focus on:
・nutrition in everyday life
・diet and mindset
・diet and exercise

With his “Nutrition ABC” he would like to show in an interactive way, that a healthy diet and the pleasure of food do not have to be opposites – not even on vacation! Michael will present you a few simple basics and show you that a healthy diet does not mean asceticism and discipline, but rather awareness and enjoyment.

Based on his mantra “Fit 40plus”, he is convinced that you have the opportunity, at any age, to achieve a positive and healthy lifestyle, with small changes in your daily eating habits.

We hope those series of events will add another value to your vacation. We’re looking very much forward to welcome more experts within the next months, who will hopefully be able to give you many valuable tips and tricks for a healthy and conscious lifestyle, combined with the perfect vacation surrounding and lots of fun.

For more details, please contact us, and we’re looking forward to your feedback!