The Breakers hotel is located on a peninsula that has developed into a sanctuary for quite a number of new species. It is idyllically situated between the shores of the Red Sea and a desert mountain range, far away from any traffic or industrial areas. The meadows of the golf course, the reefs and crystalline waters that are due to their geographical situation exposed to the winds from the North are our partners in nature.
To make sure that all activities in Soma Bay stay fascinating and unique, the management of The Breakers Diving & Surfing Lodge actively supports the ”Soma Bay Environmental Forum” and together with Soma Bay’s “Robinson Club”, “Kempinski” and” La Residence des Cascades” implements the TRAVELLIFE© criteria for ecologically sustainable tourism.
Our electrical energy is derived from the hydroelectric dam in Aswan. Hydropower, as well as solar and wind power count amongst the renewable sources of energy and thus are free of any CO2 emissions.
During regular meetings of the Soma Bay department managers further technical measures are discussed to improve the ecological efficiency of Soma Bay.
Once per month all employees from all our departments get together for our so called “clean up day.” We collect all the rubbish and debris that is lying around and we check the cleanliness for the whole hotel compound.
In accordance with international standards, our toilets are equipped with dual flush economy buttons. We use low voltage halogen bulbs, LED TV, central power-off keycards etc.
In addition to all these measures for saving electrical energy, we also implement measures to save water: our water taps are equipped with flow restrictors and the wastewater from the Soma Bay sewage treatment plant is used for watering 100% of the gardens and grassland of the golf course.
We also use biodegradable cleaning and laundry products. Water consumption is further reduced by the use of plants that are typical for the region, such as cactuses, rock gardens and palm trees for landscaping.
Ever since the year 2010, with its summit for biodiversity, it has been an important requirement for sustainable tourism all around the world. Here at Soma Bay, we are very proud that migrating birds such as storks use the golf course greens as a resting place on their long journeys North and South.
Ever since Soma Bay has developed from a bare strip of desert into a resort habitat, divers, golf players, surfers and kite surfers as well as Thalasso afficionados share their holiday destination with an amazing array of wildlife.
You'll spot ospreys, falcons, owls, bats, swallows, fennec foxes, dragon flies, geckoes, lizards and many other creatures.
Directly north of Soma Bay, you find the “Sharm El Naga” marine reserve, which is why Soma Bay’s Northern coast benefits from excellent water quality and untouched richness in species, which is one of the reasons why we also have the occasional whale shark passing by our shores.
Our daily beach clean-up as well as a lot of educational work during which we instruct divers, swimmers and snorkelers about respectful diving and snorkeling practices, avoid unnecessary pressure on the delicate coral reefs.
We also continue “sustainability” when it comes to the dishes on offer in our restaurants. Our chefs will only offer fish that has not been rated an endangered species according to the WWF fish guide.
Above water, we manage our biodiversity by passing on herbicides, instead using biological insect attractants and protecting beneficial organisms such as geckoes, dragonflies and bats to keep the natural balance amongst flying insects in check.